Why other business owners are having success with VA’s and you’re not!

Have you ever wondered why other business owners are excelling with their VA’s yet you are still working the daily grind and not reclaiming your time back?

There can be many different factors and that is possibly because you aren’t following these 3 easy steps:

  1. Knowing when to hire a VA.

This is one of the biggest problems people have when hiring a VA. You are ready to hire a VA, and you have decided that you need a graphic designer to join your team.

Your plan is to have them design several collaterals such as:

  • Business cards
  • Marketing flyers
  • Artwork for E-Books

But the thing is, you already have business cards, you have no content for a flyer, and you have no idea how to write an ebook!

This, my friend, is called wasting your time! A little harsh, I know. But we all need to be pushed into the right direction. Not to the direction of “fluff” that we want to be completed. 

The first thing we need to ask ourselves are these questions:

  1. Is it essential?
  2. Is this something that can be delegated on a regular basis?
  3. Is this going to make me money?
  4. Is this wasting my time and not making money?

Once you have a clear and definite answer then you can move on. There are stages in your business that you may need a graphic designer to create new business cards, flyers. and ebooks. However we need to make sure it is making us money and gives a positive contribution to the business.

  1. Providing them with bonuses and treating them with kindness.

Kindness is my absolute friend. There is a belief that I have and that is, money isn’t everything but kindness. I honestly believe that the world has a lot of chaos already and kindness is something that you can control most of the time.

I generally won’t pay my employees any bonuses, unless:

  • they have overreached KPI’s
  • completed outstanding work 
  • have done something amazing

Because after all, everyone of us has to work and needs to be paid, however, it’s the way they do it that matters. I have had VA’s who had been offered work elsewhere but they refused to leave me, because I took care of them very well.

The way I do it is to bring it back to basics:

  • Say thank you and please
  • Use their name
  • Greet them with hello’s – good morning, good evening
  • Let them know you really want them to have a wonderful weekend with their loved ones
  1. Hiring the right person for the right position.

Don’t hire an all-rounder! That will be your biggest mistake! I know I have said this before and I will definitely throw it out there again. Hire someone for a specific task and keep them for that task.

For example, if you want to hire a graphic designer but you also want them to edit your content, that will not work. This is a big fat NO! A graphic designer should only be intended to create layouts and designs. The reason why other business owners are succeeding in their VA’s is because they are using their VA’s for the task they are most familiar with.

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