Your Competitor’s Don’t Want You To Read This

If you are reading this, then congratulations! You already have a start ahead of your competitors!

If you are a one-person business or a 20-person business, heck even a 100-person business, it is essential for any business to have a VA join their team.

Here are my Top 3 reasons why outsourcing jobs to low cost VA’s will change the way you do business.

  1. Your in-house team will thank you for it.

I ask this with absolute love. But do you love doing the mundane tasks that are required to be done? Absolutely not! Then why on earth would your team love it too? There is something pretty amazing with VA’s. They love their job, they love working, and they are loyal. Well, most of them are!

By giving away the routinary tasks to our VA’s, our team was able to finish more important tasks and activities.

  1. You will have more production from your in-house team.

This was a huge eye opener for me. I know when I started hiring VA’s for my team (Yes, each administrative person has their own VA), the return on investment from hiring the VA was a little slow, but once everything kicked into gear, their tasks were being halved! The main staff now has more time to focus on larger tasks.

Yes, it took a few weeks for the VA to understand their task and to learn what was required of them, which also took the time away from the in-house team. But after they had learned their way through, the end result was amazing! 

The in-house team was freed up and they were able to bring in work which ultimately provided better production, revenue, and happiness for the entire team.

  1. More work will be done at a higher standard.

Prior to us hiring a personal virtual assistant (Marjorie), our admin team were going through changes. I had the new concept of updating our clients more frequently and having a better connection with our clients to ensure there was no miscommunication that would happen.

For example, the typical process would be:

  • Send sms confirmations for bookings
  • send sms for reminders
  • send them video messages letting them know when their product is ready

Yep, it takes a lot of work to manage all of that, especially when we are dealing with 50-70 clients a day! Oh, and have I mentioned? I am in the Glass and Aluminum construction business with my husband. Yes, we are totally revolutionising our industry with our savvy new techniques and VA expertise.

From there, we were able to implement ways to make our company better! Have you ever heard of a glazing business (or a trade business) being able to update you in every step of the way? You may have heard it and even experienced it once or twice, but this strategy is now a way of life for us. 

Another concrete example. If you order a pet door (for your furry friend), you will receive the following updates:

Day 1:  SMS – Confirmation your pet door is ordered

Day 4: SMS – Confirmation your glass has now arrived

Day 5: Video SMS – showing you the pet door is being manufactured and the scheduler will be in contact with you tomorrow to make your booking appointment

Day 6: Phone call – Booking appointment

Day 6: SMS – booking confirmation

Day 7: SMS – Your technician is on his way and will be there in ______ minutes

Do you think that is a HIGH standard of service?

The best part about all of that, out of 7 steps, my in-house team only needs to worry about Step 5 & 6. Marjorie does everything else and she is amazing at it!

Our clients are raving about her, not knowing it is a VA doing all of that work all along! Our team loves her because she is a #boss with her job. And most of all, Marjorie loves it because she is praised almost everyday on how amazing she is making the company look! 

Is this something that you want your competitor knowing how you have got raving fans backing you up everyday because you provide a HIGH standard of service?

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