I Failed 3 VA’s in a Row… and Broke my Business

I know that Live in the Facebook group was a little heavy today but there were some very hard truths…

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I actually failed my clients, my virtual assistants and it broke my business.

As the company was growing, I knew we had to outsource the Social Media side of things, I just couldn’t manage it any more.

After pulling a full day of work, coming home to collect my son and delivering the motherly duties each night, whilst only thinking about all the extra hours I needed to put in, after my son goes to bed… I wasn’t present with him, I was only thinking about work…

This was exhausting and not only was this my life, it actually became something I resented…

I no longer loved to work, I no longer loved to connected with my clients and communicate with them about our products and services… I was failing my customers, my business and myself.

This is the moment I started to outsource Social Media and have someone else take it over from me…

But, I only wanted to wave a Magic Wand and have them do everything for me and know exactly what I want.

There were so many factors to understand when hiring a virtual assistant, that I wasn’t aware of and my top 3 failing tips were:

– Expecting them to understand my industry language
– Not giving them time to learn my business
– Not giving them enough training

By not allowing the process & time to each new Virtual Assistant, gave them permission to give up on me.

This allowed them to FIRE me as a Boss and no longer work for me.

This is how I let them down.

Click here to watch the full LIVE in the Facebook group to get a better understanding of what objections I overcame and how you can implement within your business too.

Click here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/outsourcinglikeabosstribe

Happy Outsourcing

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