The Next Program Will Start – 11th February 2020

Following Up With Your Clients Without Being A 
Sleazy Sales Person!

Have you got the time and energy to make those calls everyday? If not, why not! You could be making a greater investment within your company by allowing 30 minutes a day to follow up with your customers.

Would you like to know the method how we increased sales by $4k within 3 days of this method? This is not a quick fix solution, it is a formula that if followed daily, it will be a routine practice that will increase your revue by 20-30%.

Could you handle the more revenue for your company whilst putting aside 30 minutes a day?

  • Price: $ 997.00
  • American Express

Here Is What You Will Get:            Total Value Over $3,000

  • A Tailored Product To Suit Your Business (Value $797):
    We will perform an analysis of your documentation systems and use that to build a register to follow up with your clients. 
  • Custom Designed System Using Our Formula To Increase Revenue (Value $797): 
    This is our exact formula that has helped us generate over $20,000 in one month! We will adjust any small criteria to suit your business, however the structure will remain the same. This will create many benefits to your business and ensure your company excels with a positive growth.
  • 30 Day Online Support To You & Your Team (Value $997):
    We want you to succeed! By allowing us to support you through this new chapter, you will have a full months support, this will provide all support to ensure all knots are ironed out to prevent bottlenecks and allow a smooth working environment and adjusting to the new change.
  • Revenue Cross Analysis Over 30 Days Of Implementation
    (Value $497)
    This is where we check your stats over the past 30 days! Do you conduct regular audits within your business to ensure you and your team are providing 110% to your company? After 30 days we will conduct a cross analysis check and provide you with a full detailed report.

Why Should I Join This Program?

  • Running a small business is not something that you can do SOLO… Having the support and accreditation to build your business with the right systems and procedures, together, we will provide breakthrough solutions inside your business that will provide a High Performance and a clear purpose with measurable outcomes.
  • Is your Business a Time For Money deal? We will develop plans on how to build your company up whilst you take a step to the side
  • Crafting the right message to attract the right clients are essential to any business. We will build clarity and a directional focus to ensure you are only dealing with the clients you want to work with.
  • Once you start the 6 week Blueprint, you will be nurtured through an intensive accountability program for the next 6 months. This will provide a high success rate to ensure your performance is measured and achieved.