If you have a business and you are wanting to scale and grow it by using systems in place that anyone you hire, can just walk straight in and take over a department?

This is an exclusive one on one program. It is based 2 hours week over 6 weeks. The next 6 weeks will set you up for the next 12 months. By having a rinse and repeat structure, the next 6 weeks will set your business up for life.

The best part is… you can apply this to any business you have, it will work!

Toni has used this same method to generate a 7 figure business by implementing this structure and walking away after 18 months and having the business managed by the employee’s.

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THE Tactical v.a.

Are you continuously managing every department within your business and completely lost to where to go from here?

Toni has designed the perfect method to obtain virtual assistance’s within day’s. This method has saved over ten’s of thousand’s of dollars within a 12 month window and has saved the extra stress that was building up on a daily basis.

Some of the biggest questions:

Can they be trusted? You will build trust overtime, by allowing them access to non-high importance and building up from there

How will I teach them? You teach them like you would any employee. By having your SOP training videos on hand, they will be able to refer to them at any time

What will I get them to do? I always suggest, find a department you cannot achieve perfection on your own and work with that.

If you cannot afford to hire someone locally, this is a great opportunity to hire a VA for you to expand your company, until you can afford to hire locally.

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Book Your Discovery Consult

Feeling like no one is listening to you? Feeling overwhelmed and not sure where to start? This is a real problem with all small business owners. 
Booking your Discovery Consult is a quick way to obtain direction and develop a clear path on how to achieve your goals whilst having your business run its ever-growing path

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THE Secret shopper audit

Being in business is hard work! With regular questions like: “I am not closing enough sales each week to make ends meet, if only someone can tell and show me how it’s really working?” Does this sound familiar?

Have you ever wondered how your business can do better? Are you getting leads but not closing them? Have you actually written down the entire step by step manual of your sales process? Are you happy with that sales process?

This process to audit your business will help empower you and your team as we will provide you with a step by step worksheet to help you get back on track immediately and closing more leads.

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automating Following up blueprint 

Have you ever wondered how following up clients can make a significant impact within your business?

If I were to tell you, every day over the past 3 years, 1 person has reached out to you and you never followed them up with any communication, did you know that is over 1000 clients you have never tried getting back to your company!

What if we could tailor make a program for you to gain those customers back today? Would you be able to handle your company growing in a positive way and have clients returning back to you because they now trust you?

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Are you a natural born sales person? If you are anything like most business owners, you love your job but you feel awkward by closing sales!

This script program is custom made to suit your business. This program is especially great if you have employees that you know need help. By allowing them (and yourself) to have to up-sell with scripts, you will find your business will increase sales by 20-30% within days of starting.

Could you handle an additional 20-30% of extra sales within weeks of starting this training?

To purchase this hands on approach to change your business, click on the link below for more information.

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V.a. ultimate Package

The most valuable assess we have is our time. Your specialised Virtual Assistant will offload non-revenue generating tasks giving you the opportunity to make more money while working less.

Don’t have time to find someone to join your team? No problem! We will find you the people.

Want to know what a VA will do for your business? Click below for more information.

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THis is coming soon

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