The Next Program Will Be Available – 11th February 2020

The Secret to Secret Shopping Within Your Business

Did you know by having an external report surveying your employees, you are not only doing them the favour by providing essential feedback to create adjustments within your business, you are also giving your company the opportunity to straighten out any knots you have been trying to iron out, over these past few months (or years!!!) and not having any luck.

By knowing we have your back. you can rest assured this Money Back Guaranteed package will provide you peace of mind knowing that we want your business to succeed by having your employees conduct in the manner you want them too.

  • Price: $ 997.00
  • American Express

Here Is What You Will Get:          Total Value Over $1,600

  • You Will Receive A Full Detailed Report On 3 x Sales Experiences (Value $497) : Struggling how to pinpoint exactly how your employees convert sales to customers when your not there? You will receive 3 x reports on 3 individual people within your organisation.
  • We Will Purchase (if possible) A Product Or A Service You Offer
    (Value $297):
    By coming into your workplace and purchasing a product or a service, we will gain first hand experience by knowing your exact sales processes. By allowing a $100 product spend, this will allow the sale to be genuine to your employees.
    Did your team: Upsell? Provide enough information without being too technical? Listen to us or talk over us? And much much more!
  • We will call directly to speak with your employees to enquire
    (Value $197)
  • We Will Experience Your Entire Sales Process & Reporting
    (Value $197)
  • You Will Receive A 5-Step Game Plan To Increase Sales by 20-30%(Value $497): By building trust you will overcome your fear of being shut down by your clients and creating your avatar client.

Why Should I Join This Program?

  • Running a small business is not something that you can do SOLO… Having the support and accreditation to build your business with the right systems and procedures, together, we will provide breakthrough solutions inside your business that will provide a High Performance and a clear purpose with measurable outcomes.
  • Is your Business a Time For Money deal? We will develop plans on how to build your company up whilst you take a step to the side
  • Crafting the right message to attract the right clients are essential to any business. We will build clarity and a directional focus to ensure you are only dealing with the clients you want to work with.
  • Once you start the 6 week Blueprint, you will be nurtured through an intensive accountability program for the next 6 months. This will provide a high success rate to ensure your performance is measured and achieved.