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The Next Program Will Start – 11th February 2020

The Mastermind 6 week program

This Mastermind Program is all about showing you how to harness your Higher Level strength and build your Brilliance Zone into a 7-Figure business that can be achieved with consistency and self-awareness.

  • Price: $ 1,995.00
  • American Express

Here Is What You Will Get:            Total Value $4660

  • Discovering Your Brilliance (Value $695): This mastermind session will help you discover your Brilliance and will provide you strength and consistency to build your path for the next 6 weeks.
  • Clarity Building Into Your Biggest Ambitious Dreams (Value $495): Gain clarity on what your business is and how to grow the ‘super hero’ within… and how to monetise it with the right business structure.
  • How To Systemise Social Media (Value $495):
  • By creating a daily and weekly action plan, you will not have to stress about posting on social media accounts ever again!
  • How To Create Content For Social Media (Value $495): You will learn how to create Macro and Micro Content for your business and have all of your content work for you.
  • Strategy Building For Cash Flow (Value $495): How ‘not’ to hide from your accountant, whilst your customers are your raving fans and pay on time.
  • How To Sell Without Selling (Value $495): By building trust you will overcome your fear of being shut down by your clients and creating your avatar client.
  • Crafting Your Message & Values (Value $495): You are at a networking event and someone has asked you “what is your business and what do you do?” Upon your reply, the friendly person starts to glaze over and cannot keep up with your industry jargon. It’s OK, IT HAPPENS TO EVERYONE!
  • Reinventing Your Brilliance (Value $995): Your final mastermind session to create a strong strategic business plan for the next 3 months that you can achieve. 

Why Should I Join This Program?

  • Running a small business is not something that you can do SOLO… Having the support and accreditation to build your business with the right systems and procedures, together, we will provide breakthrough solutions inside your business that will provide a High Performance and a clear purpose with measurable outcomes.
  • Is your Business a Time For Money deal? We will develop plans on how to build your company up whilst you take a step to the side
  • Crafting the right message to attract the right clients are essential to any business. We will build clarity and a directional focus to ensure you are only dealing with the clients you want to work with.
  • Once you start the 6 week Blueprint, you will be nurtured through an intensive accountability program for the next 6 months. This will provide a high success rate to ensure your performance is measured and achieved.