Word For Word Scripts To Build Your Business Today
 Could Your Business Handle More Clients?

How To Have Your Clients Coming Back To You

Have you ever been stuck on the phone with a client, not knowing what to say? It can be very tricky especially if you have been thrown a curve ball question! Have you had a new team member that is still learning your products or services and you cringe every time they answer the phone?

These scripts are for everyone – B2B, B2C, Walkins, SMS, Specials and Promotions. Just tweak and they are yours!


  • Price: $ 497.00
  • American Express

Here Is What You Will Get:            Total Value Over $1,497

  • Best Practices (Value $197): You will receive my top 5 best practices on how to best apply conversions within your business to give you the best start possible.
  • Worst Practices (Value $197): You will receive my top 5 don’ts! This is perfect for people who are unsure how to approach situations or have team members who are starting out.
  • Phone Script (Value $197): By having a word for word phone script, you will never be lost for words again.
  • SMS Script (Value $197): Copy, paste and tweak and off you go! 
  • Video SMS Script (Value $197): Have you ever sent a video message and it took you 10 attempts to get it right? My formula will help you prepare right the first time.
  • Welcome Script (Value $197): For those people who have customers walk into their business, this jammed packed script will help you and your team create more revenue every single day.
  • Voicemail Script (Value $197): Bland and uninviting voicemails that make you cringe are a business owners worst nightmare! Preparing your script to have a higher success rate for your clients to be calling you back.
  • Top 5 Questions For Valued Feedback (Value $197): Wanting customer feedback? Don’t bother sending another email again, this script is only 2-minutes long and will get you results immediately!