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Are you sick and tired of keeping up with all of the social media posts that you have to generate daily, who has time to do that? If you do have time to do that, then you are wasting your time!

Sorry, not sorry! As we are living in such a fast paces world, there is no way that we should be posting on our socials once, twice, ten times a day just to keep up with the social proofing that we need to do. So why are you stressing about it? Because that is the social demands that we live with today. 

I know, I get it! That used to be me! But what if I can tel you, that I have not posted a single post for over 12 months and my VA has done everything for me?Would that make you change the way you see to outsource your time with mediocre task’s?

I have come up with this formula… 
How much time would a VA save you on a monthly basis? Let’s break it down…

*Taking a photo
*Uploading to: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn & Google+

That is pretty overwhelming isn’t it? Each platform requires different styles of images, different context, different filters and much more. This is to accommodate that particular user for the different platforms available.

Let’s say by using one image per day and uploading that to 5 different platforms and changing the context, hashtags etc for each photo you upload, this would take you 1 hour per day, would that be a fair amount of time?

So, 1 hour a day, adding up to 5 hours per week, that’s 260 hours per year, which is equivalent to 6.5 weeks (based on 40 hours per week) consumed by uploading to social platforms.


That’s right, 6.5 weeks – I am sure you know what you could do with an additional 6.5 weeks over 12 months!!!

By getting this package, I guarantee the person you receive, they will have social media experience and will make an impacting advantage to your business straight away. All you need to do is to have your photos/videos pre-loaded to a cloud based program (I will help you with this) prior to receiving your VA. 

You can pre-load photo’s, videos (they must be pre-edited), gif’s & meme’s, anything you are happy to have on your social media platforms.

As there are a few things that you need to do in preparation, I will personally go through with with you within your consult. Purchase this package today to reclaim your time back.

By purchasing this package you will receive 3 months of social media posting up to 5 different platforms. 

1 post per platform per day – up to 5 platforms

At the end of the 3 months, you will receive full access to the next 30 days of future postings, ready with captions and filed easily for you to upload and post. That is the next 4 months covered!

Additionally, if you would like to purchase more months, it will be $697 per month with no lock in contract.


VA Ultimate Package

Here Is What You Will Get:          Total Value Over $6,800

  • You Will Receive A 60 Minute Consultation To Plan For Your Social Media Postings & Expectations (Valued $297)
    This consult will be your blueprint for the next 3 months for you to use and guide you in the right direction. This can be done by Zoom or at my office.


  • Full Support & Training Over The Next 14 Days (Valued $397): Something this new can be very exciting and very overwhelming, believe me, I know! This is why you will be given full training on how to set yourself (and your new Social Media Creator) up for success.


  • Receiving Your VA (Valued $997): Within 7 days from the completion of your training. This is essential that you do NOT receive your VA prior to completing your training as we want you to succeed and will ensure you are accountable by completing everything prior to receiving your VA. This also allows us time to go through the vetting process we have designed to hire someone for you. Then let he magic begin!


  • Posting Everyday On A Maximum Of 5 Social Platforms Monday to Friday For One Month (Value $697x 3 months = $2091): This is where the magic happens! By posting across as many platforms as possible creates and generates a stronger presence online for your business (BTW, I am not a marketing agency, this is common knowledge) and this is the reason you are reading this, am I right?!? You will now be freed up with hours per week, by saving time uploading content to all desired platforms.


  • Developing & Creating Content Throughout The week 
    (Value $197 per week x 12 weeks):
    Let’s face it, we are a Business Planner, we don’t just turn up to work the next day and just start working on today’s task, NO! We plan for the entire week. By scrolling through your photos, content, creating new content, then selecting the right ones to post for the day, then creating the comments and hashtags ready for tomorrow’s posting! This is what we are all about! 


  • Advanced: One Additional Month Of Post Pre-Planned & Ready for Daily Posting (Valued $697): Have you ever wondered what to post tomorrow? What if we could take that away from you? What if, at the end of this 3 month contract, you have an additional 30 days of content ready for posting? Could you benefit from this? Heck yes! So that is 4 months worth of social media postings for the price of 3 months! You will have full access to the videos/images that the Social Media Creator has prepped for you, you will be able to post for the next 30 days without having to pay for an additional month.
VA Ultimate Package

  • Price: $ 2,497.00
  • American Express

Why Should I Join This Program?

  • Running a small business is not something that you can do SOLO… Having the support and accreditation to build your business with the right systems and procedures, together, we will provide breakthrough solutions inside your business that will provide a High Performance and a clear purpose with measurable outcomes.
  • By hiring a VA, you will need to train them to work for you, that means you will need to have systems in place. Does this sound overwhelming to you? We what if I said – You Will Receive All Of The Training To Succeed?
  • We will find the right person to join your business, by going through 100’s of applications, we will vet them to make sure they are the right fit for you. You won’t have to do a thing! Can you really be bothered replying to every single person to who apply’s for the position? We are talking over 300 applicants who will apply to be your next Social Media Creator
  • You will be guaranteed to have a professional social media creator and if you do not like them, we will find you a new person with no additional charges.